Eating between meals, is it good for our health? (EUFIC)

In recent decades there have been enormous changes in the way Europeans work, rest and entertain ourselves, and our eating habits have adapted to these changes. One consequence of our accelerated modern lifestyles is that we tend to eat peck something on the fly; In general, we think LifePlus Diät
that now a greater amount of food and / snacks a day in times past. In this paper we study if it really is true and pose the health implications of this aspect of our eating habits.

Rich in liposoluble vitamins (A, D, E) and soluble (B6, B12) are indispensable for our organism, and in particular, to the growth and development. Limited to a small portion (<100g) consumption of large predatory fish and not eating other fish the rest of the week. This website has no third party advertising nor receive any funding from advertising. Many people, especially women, who are often less corpulent than men, need not take more than 1,800 to 2,000 calories a day.

As you might imagine, our ancestors had no problems with obesity, diabetes and other diseases that today are at the top of morbidity in the country. The first humans were hunter gatherers and later became. Everything was different, in the environment of Mesoamerica there was plenty of animals to hunt and gather plenty of vegetables, plus human groups were small. Growing plants and fishing were necessary for survival.

Meanwhile, stay alert other potential obstacles to healthy eating. For example, sometimes your school-age child can share food with friends, give them a sandwich and fruit you sent and replace them with a bag of chips. After school, if you go to the house of a fellow, that you can eat sweets instead of an apple. In short, if you do a good job educating your child to choose nutritious foods, he will face many temptations, almost daily.

For Dr. Lucia Mulas, move also is a remedy for fatigue: people are increasingly tired and depressed, is a vicious circle and, curiously, a little fatigued every day can alleviate chronic fatigue, “he says. Older people with Alzheimer’s should move to maintain functional independence and reduce cognitive decline. In the words of Dr. Lucia Mulas: Exercise boosts strength, so these patients are better able to fend for themselves. ”